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. Desert Safaris; Enjoy an unforgettable experience and explore the wonders of the exotic Sahara desert in an exiting adventurous journey. Expeditions ranging from 1 day up to 10 days to any of the following destinations.

  . Drive a buggy or enjoy a jeep ride to explore the extraordinary Red Sea   mountains and visit the Bedouins, experience their life styles, eat their food and   ride their camels.
. Visit the whales Valley to see the fossilized skeletal remains of pre- historic whales   and other marine animals. Enjoy the scenic Wadi Al-Rayan lakes and waterfalls.
. Enjoy the beauty of the White Desert with itís magical rock formations and take a   dip in the hot springs of the Farafra Oasis.
. Follow Alexander the Greatís trail to the Siwa Oasis. Visit the temples of Oracle   and Amun & the mountain of the Dead which comprises tombs from the   Twenty-  Sixth Dynasty, Ptolemaic and Roman periods.
. Enjoy the scenic desert lakes of Bahrain, the Two Seas and relax in the hot   springs of the Bahariya Oasis. On the way back visit the temple of Alexander the   great.
. Tour the historical sites and relics in the Dakhla and Kharga vicinity.
. Visit the Great sand sea with its awesome dunes.